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(stardust savant)
06/28/11 01:06 PM
Is the Bible true? [re: ]  

Let's assume for a moment the Bible is not true. That means it is filled with lies. The dead are not raised, the sick are not healed, Jesus died and stayed buried. What would this mean?

It means that the Bible is the silliest book ever written. But it's funny. No one, not even atheists, view the Bible this way. No one regards the Bible as a silly thing. Even Ernest Hemingway named his book, The Sun Also Rises, after a line in the Old Testament.

The Bible contains some of the most profoundly beautiful writings found in all literature. Some of it is so beautiful, I can't refer to it here without crying.

Is the Bible a silly thing? Go ahead and mock the Bible in a room full of atheists and infidels. Even they would be embarrassed at your boorish behavior.

There's something about The Bible. Consider this, it's either true or a book filled with deception. We mock deceivers and crooks in society. However, there is a healthy fear and respect for the Book. Even unbelievers know to stay away.

After 20 centuries, the black book is known to be true, filled with comfort, solace and wisdom.

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