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08/17/11 07:04 AM
Zeke Wasserman [re: ]  

Hi. By now, almost everyone has heard of Zeke Wasserman, the Republican Congressman who chopped off his daughter's legs with a chainsaw.

Most people are upset about this act of violence and want Wasserman to be punished as hard as the law permits. But I would like to ask you to think again. Zeke Wasserman did what he did for a reason. He wanted to protect his child.

Zeke Wasserman's daughter was a slut. She smoked cigarrettes, had boyfriends, and stayed out until late at night - at the age of 19. Wasserman was a responsible father who realized that he had to stop his teen daughter from hurting herself.

In these politically correct times it is not easy to detain your child. Zeke Wasserman was desperate. He did not want his teen daughter to get out and be exposed to predators, sex, drugs, and violence. He did what he could do to safeguard her from the perils of the outside world. He cut off her legs.

Zeke Wasserman wanted to protect his teenage daughter. For this he deserves a medal, not a lifetime sentence.

It's SAILER, idiot!

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