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ohramona Moderator
(devil in your bleeding face)
01/02/12 09:37 PM
2012 Dead Pool [re: ]  

Hay prodigious TWfers! Time to start a new Dead Pool!

Begin to compile, and let's do 12 this year.

Our CS rules (perhaps no death shall pass ambiguously this year):

1. Post 'em and leave 'em by end of day, your time zone, 1/10/2012.

2. Celeb must die between posting deadline and 11:59:59, 12/31/2012, according to the time zone the celeb dies in.

3. Score = 100 - celeb's age.
So yes, if you choose a celeb over 100 and he dies you'll wind up in the hole! That would be like a grave! Then you have to dig your way out!

4. If you pick a celeb with a terminal illness who dies, your point value for that celeb's death will be decreased by 1/2. And you will be called gay. Whether you like it or not. If you state you are not gay, then 2 more points will be deducted from your score.

"Drug-related" is not a terminal illness.

5. Moderator's Choice: Any death caused by machinery will earn 7 bonus points. Machinery is broadly defined and may include ice-skate blades, trains, commercial blenders, swordfish probosci and conveyor belts, but not guns. Deaths occuring due to guns are scored regularly.

6. Deaths caused by posters do not count. Don't try it.

7. Most of all TWfer boys and girls, have fun playing! It's a game!

let them eat opiate

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