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01/08/12 01:32 PM
This place still exists, lol [re: Monkeyboy]  


Received: 01/29/06 08:50 PM


I was unaware of any Oscar performance for los Beverley Hills Cop, actually. But really, fish-out-of-water comedies are so rare and priceless I should not be surprised at all. HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR.

THE SCENE: Oscar nomination party. Fat cats with fat cigars and brandy sit in and around the disembowled corpse of a virgin and chatter.

EXECUTIVE: [flipping through script] "BANANA in MY TAILPIPE??" I love it!
YES-MAN: Oscar nomination?

Fair enough on Meister other DB, really. Interestingly (ha!) enough, I am absolutely incapable of spelling his name correctly Devandra? Barnhert? Barnheart? Barnhart? Bernhart? Banhats? Barnhamper? Hawkman?

ANYROAD, yeah, I am capable of imagining a system wherein he somehow does not storm like the Napoleon of T.Rex/Donovan half-breeds. Truth be entirely told, I was aiming to purchase Neil Diamond's recent 12 Songs, only turns out I guess that was a big holiday item and was, for whatever reason, back-ordered from approximately early November to rounds about now. NOT to suggest, of course, that Mr. Other DB was an entirely random choice just to fill space or nuthin', as I'd remind that he was my second favorite or so album of the year, granted those were pre-Art Brut days.

So, um, glad you like Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. Unquestionably album of the year, possibly album of the deuce-ought-ought-oughts so far, granted that's me talking out my ass and I could easily be forgetting that album that was so life-changing I'd never forget it.

But, yeah, in my experience, bitches seem to be more enthusiastic about DBII.

It hasn't been too long to still make jokes like that, right?

ANYWAY. Topics-wise to cover before fun listing.

1. Sorry I've been relatively out-of-touch. I don't especially have an excuse, outside of I've been rather disinclined towards personal productivity in, uh, the past fifteen months or so. My parents always complain I don't e-mail them enough, either. But, no magical arbitrary shift in opinion or nuthin like such. Now's the time to see if it was New York or it is college, I suppose.

2. IN NEWS SO FUNNY I WANT TO STAB MYSELF WITH A LOBSTER FORK, my fre-kaka CD burner, now that I desire to use it, is disagreeing with the notion of being functional. I managed Low's Christmas EP for Nicole last month and then set on the aforementioned 12 Songs and, WANGO-DANGO, it had other ideas. HA HA, TESTICLES. Ashamed? Yes!

ANYWAY, fun stuff. OMG, 'Oscar winner' is so open-ended. Best picture? Any Oscar whatsoever???.>?<ASDFAsf? I'm rolling 'best picture' and can change later, if it's needed.

1. The Apartment
I was not entirely aware this got best picture, actually. Seems like maybe I heard of such, but WANGO-DANGO, not on my mind. This is actually personal enough of a film it feels really wrong to have won, but I guess you can't discount that Billy Wilder was actually successful in the classical Hollywood system and the classical Hollywood system was not entirely unconducive to creativity. But, yeah, peak of Jack Lemmon lonely, depressed, trod-upon guy comedies. Peak of actual depressed Jack Lemmon I guess in Glengarry Glen Ross, but that's rather thoroughly depressing and rather short of comedy. The Apartment has the possibility of being the single most depressing movie ever, but then the ending goes and bes happy, so no such luck.

2. Lawrence of Arabia
EPIC EPIC EPIC awesome. Peter O'Toole is fantastic, notably, and I still love him. Maybe, if one is cynical, could be criticized as a little slow in parts, but, um, moreover is suitably epic. GIANT desert landscapes. Etc!

3. Annie Hall
It used to bother me that this won over Star Wars, but now it seems pretty cool. I guess there are other Woody Allen films I prefer more, but still suitably quirky nervous guy comedy and pretty neato in its self-conscious filmic qualities and experimentation with the film and all that.

4. Schindler's List
Should prolly watch this again at some point, but dunno if that's gonna happen. Suitably heavy handling of the Holocaust from previously Captain Feel-Good and all. Have heard criticism that it's yet too feel-goody and the whole 'redemption through nice German guy' thing is kinda offensive and promotes the 'Jews as cattle' notion, but none of that bothered me when I watched it two years ago or whenever it was. Just seems kinda hard to be objective and critical about such a consciously weighty film.

5. All About Eve
Not, frankly, one of my top top favorite films of all time, but amusing enough. Best picture winners do not provide enough material for a quality top five, interestingly enough. The campy-catty Betty Davis thing is interesting enough, I suppose, if done better elsewhere. Generally pithy dialogue is amusing. THE REAL STAR, however, is George Sanders, in possibly my favorite performance of his ever, as the single most cutting guy ever. Some documentary on homosexual undertones in cinema pointed his character out as the 'violently heterosexual' equivalent of a previously homosexual archetype, which seems suitably descriptive. He's a 10/10, enough so to instantly enter my pantheon on the strength of that performance alone, but otherwise, blanketly entertaining enough.

I'd like to give it collectively to the post-1980 or so trend of honoring bland melodramas (I say, I'd point out, as a fan of melodrama). Well, going back prolly to the beginning, The Sting is pretty awful, and then things get conceptually awful from Kramer vs. Kramer onwards, granted I haven't seen all of them and there are certainly exceptions.

For managing critical acclaim in the face of what I gather is a double-super-ultra cliche, I'd like to put forth Million Dollar Baby as the ultimate in the trend of bland, but then I haven't actually seen it, so that'd be kinda rude of me, I s'pose.

Dunno, there's a lot of stuff I've now just come to think of as stupid without any major reason, other than what I guess is ultimately a shift in aesthetics as I become fascinated with action and horror movies made (HILARIOUSLY!) for less money than most people spend on a meal. A Beautiful Mind seems pretty needless in its entirety, which has to make it awkward for the actual guy.

I'd also like to give the special award of Borgninest to Marty. I saw it two or three years ago and kinda weakly liked it, but seems like it might well blow my mind now with my Ernest Borgnine obsession. Regardless, it is undoubtedly the only movie I noticed to both win a Best Picture Oscar and star Ernest Borgnine, so I think it's position as Borgninest is unquestionable.


AND, in that I think it was my duty to keep you informed of such information, I did get rather "high" from "toking the grass" the other day. I guess the experience gained from smoking cigarettttes is not entirely unapplicable in other fields. It was kinda awkward, 'cause it was an awkward situation to begin with, plus I was worried about having to drive home in a short amount of time. This being the awkward party mentioned in my livejournal of late, if you were on that one. REGARDLESS, any previous experience where the smoking actually effected me has been only slight, equivalent to a really slight alcohol buzz, where it pretty much just makes me stupid, yet not so stupid that I'm not aware of being stupid, and was nothing special. THIS TIME was funnnner, however, and I see the attraction, pretty much. Again, granted it was an awkward situation, but I went outside, for instance, to smoke a cigarette with peoples and it was a porch yet I couldn't exactly solidify the concept of 'porch' in my head and I got all confused as to the actual size of the porch and kept thinking I was in various other sorts of rooms, a tunnel being the most memorable. But, anyway, could see where that would be fun in a non-worry social situation.

Otherwise, still living the Morrissey tattoo, pretty much. Listening to less Morrissey at the moment, but still same ol' same ol' in that department. Moved back to where the female sort of sorts I have kinda liked lives, but then she went and got attached to a feller mere WEEKS before I moved back, after being not so for, uh, a year, so that's suitably entertaining. Granted I'm apparently ineffable enough that it is no issue for her to maintain our same sort of dialogue, but it's rather more awkward on my end.

Anyroad, so, how ya doing? I've guess we've both been doing some varities of living in the interim hereabouts, if I've ended up in more-or-less the same situation as when we were last speaking regularly (ha, only without parents! Wheee!). Dunno! Um, I've seen like eight-hundred-million-movies and had several aesthetic shifts, so the movies-of-years game could be fun if you're game. DUNNO. DUNNO.


I could be a genius if I just put my mind to it.

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