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(stardust savant)
04/02/12 01:17 PM
Devil Doll [re: ]  

A word must be said about the ventriloquist's puppet
named "Devil doll."
A linguist has claimed the syllables muttered
by Devil Doll
could not have come from doll or man.

No doll or man could have said
the phrase that
came from Devil Doll.

I wrote down the events in order they came to me.
President Presley has decreed the use of the Ouija
is now against the law
because of Devil Doll.
Because of what happened with Devil Doll.

Put a tourniquet
on the tongue of Devil Doll
A tie dyed tourniquet
on the tongue of Devil Doll

You ain't seen nothin
like the tongue of Devil Doll
the tongue of Devil Doll.

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