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Adam Moderator
(crash course raver)
12/27/01 07:32 AM
Working Out Evan's Mind [re: trendy rechauffe]  

In reply to:

It looks like it will be a while before we get to see the next title.

Indeed .

One consistancy has been that the number of posts required for the following title becomes higher and higher with each progression. The list below shows the number of posts required for attaining the next level.

5 posts to reach mortal with potential
15 more posts to reach grinning soul (20)
50 more posts to reach wide eyed peploid (70)
130 more posts to reach kook (200)
200 more posts to reach electric tomato (400)
300 more posts to reach crash course ravor (700)
400 more posts to reach cracked actor (1100)
500 more posts to reach stardust savant (1600)
900 more posts to reach acolyte (2500)

As you can see, a definite pattern was emerging whereby the threshold was increasing progressively by 100. However, the title acolyte appears to have broken that.

I am what I play!

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