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(cracked actor)
08/21/02 01:43 AM
FYI [re: anisette]  

Just so you guys know, a friendly reminder. You can see what your current icon looks like just by checking your profile. There's no need to make a post to see what it looks like.

(Just so you don't waste space with "test" posts for your .gifs)

If my answers frighten you, Vincent, you should cease asking scary questions.

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.*Re: official crap thread  the ethereal dawn09/27/02 04:22 PM
.*Re: official crap thread  Leu Tzadik09/28/02 11:03 PM
.*Re: official crap thread  sweetasslemon08/27/02 02:03 PM
.*Re: official crap thread  JarethsGirl08/30/02 01:23 AM
.*color check  beatled08/30/02 11:49 PM
.*Re: color check  beatled08/30/02 11:50 PM
.*Re: color check  beatled08/31/02 00:04 AM
.*Re: color check  Dentarthurdent08/31/02 00:07 AM
.*Re: color check  anisette08/31/02 02:28 PM
.*Re: color check  beatled08/31/02 02:42 PM
.*Re: color check  SugarPlumFairy09/03/02 05:42 PM
.*Re: color check  dukewhite09/03/02 08:16 PM
.*Re: color check *DELETED* *DELETED*  Glitterbot09/03/02 08:48 PM
.*Re: color check *DELETED* *DELETED*  Glitterbot09/03/02 08:55 PM
.*Re: color check *DELETED* *DELETED*  Glitterbot09/03/02 08:57 PM
.*fuck  Glitterbot09/03/02 09:01 PM
.*grrrrrrrrrrowl  crimsondynamo09/05/02 02:24 AM
.*Re: grrrrrrrrrrowl  crimsondynamo09/05/02 02:28 AM
.*Re: grrrrrrrrrrowl  crimsondynamo09/05/02 02:30 AM
.*Re: grrrrrrrrrrowl  missbewlay09/05/02 03:51 AM
.*Re: grrrrrrrrrrowl  missbewlay09/05/02 03:53 AM
.*Re: grrrrrrrrrrowl  missbewlay09/05/02 04:25 AM
.*...  schizophrenic09/06/02 08:01 PM
.*Re: ...  schizophrenic09/07/02 11:14 AM
.*Re: ...  schizophrenic09/07/02 11:17 AM
.*Re: ...  schizophrenic09/07/02 11:20 AM
.*new  beatled09/08/02 01:29 AM
.*Re: new  PHOENIX09/11/02 08:49 AM
.*Re: new  beatled09/11/02 08:54 PM
.*Re: ...  crimsondynamo09/07/02 02:42 AM
.*Re: color check  beatled08/31/02 00:07 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  sweetasslemon08/26/02 08:42 PM
.*Re: official crap thread  sweetasslemon08/26/02 08:55 PM
.*I-N-T-E-R-N-E-T  WildWind08/26/02 09:11 PM
.*Re: I-N-T-E-R-N-E-T  sweetasslemon08/26/02 09:38 PM
.*Re: I-N-T-E-R-N-E-T  96dbFreak08/27/02 00:50 AM
.*Re: I-N-T-E-R-N-E-T  96dbFreak08/27/02 07:29 PM
.*Re: I-N-T-E-R-N-E-T  96dbFreak08/27/02 09:26 PM
.*Re: I-N-T-E-R-N-E-T  96dbFreak08/27/02 09:29 PM
.*Re: I-N-T-E-R-N-E-T  sweetasslemon08/28/02 03:02 PM
.*Re: I-N-T-E-R-N-E-T  TactfulCactus7208/29/02 01:51 AM
.*Re: I-N-T-E-R-N-E-T  TactfulCactus7208/29/02 01:55 AM
.*Re: I-N-T-E-R-N-E-T  96dbFreak08/27/02 10:22 PM
.*Re: official crap thread  sweetasslemon08/26/02 08:33 PM
.*Re: official crap thread  schizophrenic08/25/02 07:43 PM
.*Re: official crap thread  schizophrenic08/26/02 10:17 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  schizophrenic08/26/02 11:35 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  96dbFreak08/26/02 07:30 PM
.*Re: official crap thread  dukewhite08/21/02 06:38 PM
.*Re: official crap thread  ExquisiteCorpse08/24/02 02:28 PM
.*Re: official crap thread  ped_xing08/25/02 10:02 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  Strawman08/21/02 09:15 PM
.*Re: official crap thread  JarethsGirl08/18/02 11:32 PM
.*Re: official crap thread  JarethsGirl08/18/02 11:36 PM
.*Re: official crap thread  ExquisiteCorpse08/20/02 05:22 PM
.*Re: official crap thread  96dbFreak08/20/02 08:24 PM
.*Re: official crap thread  anisette08/20/02 11:22 PM
.*Re: official crap thread *DELETED*  anisette08/20/02 11:26 PM
.*Re: official crap thread  anisette08/20/02 11:38 PM
.*Re: official crap thread  anisette08/20/02 11:44 PM
.*Re: official crap thread *DELETED*  anisette08/20/02 11:49 PM
.*Re: official crap thread  strangeDivine08/20/02 11:52 PM
.*Re: official crap thread  anisette08/21/02 00:13 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  anisette08/21/02 00:21 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  anisette08/21/02 00:38 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  anisette08/21/02 00:51 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  beatled08/21/02 00:54 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  beatled08/21/02 00:55 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  anisette08/21/02 01:17 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  strangeDivine08/21/02 04:03 PM
.*you're sweet  anisette08/21/02 11:20 PM
.*Re: you're sweet  strangeDivine08/22/02 06:28 PM
.*Re: you're sweet  Glitterbot08/22/02 02:26 AM
.*Re: you're sweet  Glitterbot08/22/02 02:28 AM
..FYI  uncle_Ruskie08/21/02 01:43 AM
.*Re: FYI  anisette08/21/02 01:58 AM
.*Re: FYI  uncle_Ruskie08/21/02 12:13 PM
.*Re: FYI  beatled08/21/02 02:05 PM
.*Re: FYI  beatled08/21/02 02:06 PM
.*Re: FYI  beatled08/21/02 02:15 PM
.*Re: FYI  beatled08/21/02 03:02 PM
.*Re: FYI  beatled08/21/02 05:39 PM
.*Re: FYI  dukewhite08/21/02 06:10 PM
.*Re: FYI  dukewhite08/21/02 06:14 PM
.*Re: FYI  96dbFreak08/21/02 01:57 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  PHOENIX08/21/02 01:38 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  anisette08/21/02 00:53 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  dukewhite09/21/02 05:25 PM
.*Re: official crap thread  JarethsGirl08/18/02 11:38 PM
.*Re: official crap thread  Glitterbot08/19/02 03:37 AM
.*iggy?  Glitterbot08/19/02 03:53 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  schizophrenic08/15/02 05:25 PM
.*Re: official crap thread  beatled08/15/02 05:29 PM
.*Re: official crap thread  beatled08/16/02 12:52 PM
.*Re: official crap thread  PHOENIX08/17/02 06:34 PM
.*Re: official crap thread  PHOENIX08/17/02 06:37 PM
.*Re: official crap thread  anisette08/18/02 05:04 AM
.*A little love testing  PHOENIX08/16/02 03:50 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  Lumpeenkukka08/15/02 06:47 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  Lumpeenkukka08/15/02 06:42 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  Lumpeenkukka08/12/02 05:57 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  circemuse08/09/02 04:03 PM
.*Re: official crap thread  sondra08/11/02 07:58 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  circemuse08/12/02 11:19 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  circemuse08/12/02 11:19 AM
.*Said you took a big trip...  Sysiyo08/14/02 07:35 AM
.*Re: Said you took a big trip...  Joelle08/14/02 11:49 PM
.*Re: Said you took a big trip...  Joelle08/14/02 11:52 PM
.*Re: Said you took a big trip...  Joelle08/15/02 00:00 AM
.*Re: Said you took a big trip...  Joelle08/15/02 00:03 AM
.*mmmm  beatled08/15/02 00:19 AM
.*Re: mmmm  beatled08/15/02 00:34 AM
.*Re: mmmm  beatled08/15/02 00:49 AM
.*Vote PHOENIX  PHOENIX08/15/02 01:34 AM
.*Re: Vote PHOENIX  PHOENIX08/15/02 01:37 AM
.*Vote Mussolini!  Il Duke08/15/02 04:55 AM
.*Re: Vote Mussolini!  Il Duke08/15/02 05:23 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  circemuse08/09/02 03:58 PM
.*Re: official crap thread  circemuse08/09/02 03:32 PM
.*Re: official crap thread  circemuse08/09/02 03:26 PM
.*Re: official crap thread  schizophrenic08/08/02 09:32 AM
.*Test- testing, testing, sig and Grace is my name..  Sysiyo08/09/02 01:27 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  Lumpeenkukka08/08/02 02:26 AM
.*i-  The Fisting of Life07/22/02 12:02 PM
.*h-  The Fisting of Life07/22/02 12:06 PM
.*Re: official crap thread  db07/19/02 07:13 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  TactfulCactus7207/18/02 01:12 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  TactfulCactus7207/18/02 01:15 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  Tati_wl07/18/02 08:46 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  SugarPlumFairy07/19/02 04:35 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  SugarPlumFairy07/19/02 04:38 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  SugarPlumFairy07/19/02 04:40 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  Tati_wl07/18/02 08:40 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  TactfulCactus7207/18/02 01:17 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  TactfulCactus7207/18/02 01:18 AM
.*the imminenent death of mariah  Glitterbot07/20/02 06:24 AM
.*bow down to the legend of steel!  Glitterbot07/20/02 06:27 AM
.*Re: bow down to the legend of steel!  Glitterbot07/20/02 06:40 AM
.*this better be gorgeous!  Glitterbot07/20/02 06:42 AM
.*Re: this better be gorgeous!  96dbFreak07/22/02 02:19 AM
.*Re: this better be gorgeous!  96dbFreak07/22/02 11:43 PM
.*Re: this better be gorgeous!  SugarPlumFairy07/24/02 06:42 AM
.*Re: this better be gorgeous!  SugarPlumFairy07/24/02 06:46 AM
.*Re: this better be gorgeous!  SugarPlumFairy07/24/02 06:47 AM
.*Re: this better be gorgeous!  SugarPlumFairy07/24/02 06:49 AM
.*Re: this better be gorgeous!  SugarPlumFairy07/24/02 06:50 AM
.*Re: this better be gorgeous!  beatled07/24/02 01:37 PM
.*JL  beatled07/24/02 01:44 PM
.*Re: JL  beatled07/24/02 01:45 PM
.*dice-y  beatled07/30/02 03:19 PM
.*Re: official crap thread  TactfulCactus7207/18/02 01:21 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  TactfulCactus7207/18/02 01:21 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  TactfulCactus7207/18/02 01:25 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  TactfulCactus7207/18/02 01:26 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  dukewhite07/07/02 03:08 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  dukewhite07/07/02 03:10 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  dukewhite07/07/02 03:13 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  96dbFreak07/14/02 11:07 PM
.*Get my Freak on!  power2charm07/17/02 08:31 PM
.*Dry your eyes, you poor devil  power2charm07/17/02 08:35 PM
.*I'm a bomb, regardless.  power2charm07/17/02 08:38 PM
.*Re: official crap thread  mudluscious07/06/02 09:04 PM
.*Re: official crap thread  beatled07/06/02 10:05 PM
.*Re: official crap thread  beatled07/06/02 10:07 PM
.*Re: official crap thread  beatled07/06/02 10:07 PM
.*Re: official crap thread  mudluscious07/06/02 08:20 PM
.*crossed fingers  mudluscious07/16/02 09:22 PM
.*Re: crossed fingers  mudluscious07/16/02 09:23 PM
.*Re: crossed fingers  Joelle07/17/02 00:19 AM
.*Re: crossed fingers  Joelle07/17/02 00:23 AM
.*crossed fingers  mudluscious07/16/02 09:20 PM
.*Re: crossed fingers  candidate007/25/02 06:57 AM
.*Re: crossed fingers  TactfulCactus7208/18/02 06:17 PM
.*Technology gettin me down  strangeDivine08/18/02 08:00 PM
.*Re: Technology gettin me down  anisette08/18/02 09:52 PM
.*Re: Technology gettin me down  strangeDivine08/18/02 10:09 PM
.*Re: Technology gettin me down  beatled08/18/02 09:47 PM
.*Re: crossed fingers  SugarPlumFairy07/26/02 04:56 AM
.*Re: crossed fingers  SugarPlumFairy07/26/02 04:57 AM
.*Re: crossed fingers  SugarPlumFairy07/26/02 04:59 AM
.*Re: crossed fingers  candidate008/05/02 04:21 AM
.*Re: crossed fingers  96dbFreak07/26/02 08:25 PM
.*Re: crossed fingers  96dbFreak07/28/02 10:44 PM
.*Re: crossed fingers  96dbFreak07/31/02 06:21 AM
.*Re: crossed fingers  mudluscious08/01/02 02:37 AM
.*Re: crossed fingers  96dbFreak08/01/02 09:24 PM
.*Re: crossed fingers  sonofsilence08/03/02 07:03 AM
.*Re: crossed fingers  96dbFreak08/05/02 06:26 AM
.*Re: crossed fingers  96dbFreak08/07/02 01:43 AM
.*Re: crossed fingers  elvenlass08/08/02 00:01 AM
.*Re: crossed fingers  PHOENIX08/08/02 00:38 AM
.*Re: crossed fingers  PHOENIX08/08/02 00:44 AM
.*Re: crossed fingers  PHOENIX08/08/02 00:55 AM
.*Re: crossed fingers  Tati_wl08/06/02 08:16 PM
.*Re: crossed fingers  Tati_wl08/06/02 08:19 PM
.*Re: crossed fingers  decibel08/03/02 04:20 PM
.*Re: crossed fingers  decibel08/03/02 04:22 PM
.*Re: crossed fingers  decibel08/03/02 04:26 PM
.*Re: crossed fingers  TactfulCactus7207/26/02 11:59 PM
.*Re: crossed fingers  TactfulCactus7207/27/02 00:16 AM
.*Re: crossed fingers  candidate007/25/02 06:52 AM
.*Re: crossed fingers  dukewhite07/17/02 12:38 PM
.*Re: official crap thread  trendy rechauffe07/02/01 11:24 PM
.*Re: official crap thread  dearlady200106/26/02 02:49 PM
.**craptacular!*  Glitterbot07/05/02 10:10 PM
.*Re: *craptacular!*  Orage07/06/02 06:06 PM
.*Re: *craptacular!*  Orage07/06/02 06:10 PM
.*Re: *craptacular!*  Orage07/06/02 06:12 PM
.*Re: *craptacular!*  Orage07/06/02 06:15 PM
.*Re: *craptacular!*  Orage07/06/02 06:22 PM
.*Re: *craptacular!*  Orage07/06/02 06:33 PM
.*back again  Cryx09/20/02 12:04 PM
.*Re: back again  Cryx09/20/02 12:06 PM
.*Should we recrap?  PHOENIX07/03/01 00:41 AM
.*Re: Should we recrap?  kirk08/10/01 01:23 AM
.*Re: Should we recrap?  PHOENIX08/10/01 03:23 AM
.*Don't, Phoenix  Emil08/10/01 05:17 AM
.*Re: Don't, Phoenix  PHOENIX08/10/01 06:49 AM
.*Re: Don't, Phoenix  Remade/Remodeled08/14/01 09:55 PM
.*Blahh!!!  Kirk08/15/01 03:30 AM
.*Re: Blahh!!!  Leshka08/17/01 07:37 PM
.*Let's try this again  Leshka08/17/01 07:39 PM
.*Amicable  Kirk08/11/01 04:43 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  sedna06/26/01 01:33 PM
.*Re: official crap thread  sedna06/26/01 04:34 PM
.*Re: official crap thread  sedna06/30/01 05:54 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  Darth Cheney06/30/01 02:29 PM
.*Re: official crap thread  SugarPlumFairy07/02/01 04:52 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  candidate007/17/02 10:28 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  PHOENIX06/27/01 08:44 PM
.*Re: official crap thread  lowlodgerheroes06/28/01 06:06 PM
.*Re: official crap thread  s0x06/26/01 02:40 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  zoegirl06/26/01 00:02 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  PHOENIX06/26/01 00:41 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  PHOENIX06/26/01 00:42 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  PHOENIX06/26/01 00:43 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  PHOENIX06/26/01 00:44 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  PHOENIX06/26/01 00:45 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  PHOENIX06/26/01 00:46 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  PHOENIX06/26/01 00:47 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  LittleVoice06/26/01 01:56 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  CygnetC06/26/01 01:50 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  LittleVoice06/17/01 07:01 PM
.*Re: official crap thread  LittleVoice06/17/01 10:31 PM
.*Re: official crap thread  sedna06/20/01 11:03 AM
.*just testing something  sedna06/25/01 02:23 PM
.*Re: just testing something  sedna06/25/01 02:28 PM
.*Re: just testing something  LittleVoice06/25/01 03:05 PM
.*Re: just testing something  PHOENIX06/25/01 09:38 PM
.*just testing something  DarkFire07/17/02 02:04 PM
.*Re: just testing something  DarkFire07/17/02 02:42 PM
.*Re: just testing something  DarkFire07/17/02 02:47 PM
.*Re: just testing something  DarkFire07/17/02 07:50 PM
.*Re: just testing something  DarkFire07/17/02 07:52 PM
.*Re: just testing something  DarkFire07/17/02 08:36 PM
.*Re: just testing something  DarkFire07/17/02 08:41 PM
.*Re: just testing something  DarkFire07/17/02 08:44 PM
.*Re: just testing something  DarkFire07/17/02 09:11 PM
.*Re: just testing something  PHOENIX06/25/01 09:55 PM
.*Re: just testing something  PHOENIX06/25/01 10:31 PM
.*Re: official crap thread  sedna06/20/01 10:24 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  Monkeyboy06/16/01 08:54 PM
.*Re: official crap thread  Monkeyboy06/08/01 00:25 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  Salvora06/10/01 11:46 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  kremlin_mistress06/10/01 07:03 PM
.*Re: official crap thread  PHOENIX06/10/01 08:30 PM
.*Re: official crap thread  PHOENIX06/10/01 08:32 PM
.*Re: official crap thread  PHOENIX06/11/01 02:17 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  SugarPlumFairy06/11/01 09:35 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  PHOENIX06/12/01 09:40 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  white rabbit06/14/01 09:59 PM
.*Re: official crap thread  Monkeyboy06/06/01 03:23 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  SugarPlumFairy06/06/01 08:38 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  PHOENIX06/07/01 09:18 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  PHOENIX06/07/01 09:22 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  PHOENIX06/07/01 09:24 AM
.*Pretty.....  StardustJunior07/16/02 04:32 PM
.*Re: official crap thread  jumptheysay06/07/01 11:15 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  jumptheysay06/07/01 11:17 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  sedna3506/07/01 04:18 PM
.*Re: official crap thread  Monkeyboy06/06/01 03:16 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  Monkeyboy06/06/01 03:13 AM
.*Re: official crap thread  Monkeyboy06/02/01 07:19 PM
.*Oh dear  NoGame05/27/01 05:56 PM
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