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09/29/02 07:28 AM
Sacrifices [re: Adam]  

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Seeing the usernames are held by the fan registry, I cannot see this taking up much space on the message board. But I might be mistaken.

They definitely take up some space, since each user has a registration date, profile, and accompanying data separate from the fan registry. Where this data is stored and whether or not it has a tangible impact on the message board size I do not know, but y'know, it's a suggestion.

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1. Give Coffee Shop threads a limited lifespan.
2. Give Collector's Corner threads a limited lifespan.
3. Give Site Feedback threads a limited lifespan.


I think in a sense, they already have. But the process at the moment involves backing them up in hope of one day restoring them all (which would ultimately be the best solution).

Adding a life span to the threads probably means they will be erased for ever.

Well, yes, and I suppose I was trying to say that I'd be willing to lose old threads from these three fora forever for the sake of maintaining other fora, specifically NVQ and especially Interpretation, with Artiste as a concession to those who visit it regularly, and since I've already given it a hit. Anyway, in the current situation every forum effectively has a lifespan, and they're all the same. I would like to give the above three fora a shorter lifespan, so that the other three fora wouldn't have one at all.

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In such an instance, I think it would be best to prevent further Bowie discussion in Coffee Shop by meticulously moving all Bowie discussions into their relevant fora. But essentially, I think there are other worthwhile threads that should not be erased.

I would argue that the "worthwhile threads" are few and far between, and not "worthwhile" to the extent that threads in NVQ and Interp are. To that extent, I'd be willing to sacrifice them to save the others.

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Perhaps there would need to be a classic threads forum?

I would support this.

Note that my proposals aren't the ideal solutions, but solutions that I believe would be low-maintenance and effectively balance the needs of the board with the needs of the postsrs (as I see them - of course this is open to debate).

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