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03/18/03 02:09 PM
Searching everyone for the ego on the run [re: Wraith2]  

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I think a lot of secondary characters are just worthless.

Agreed. I agree with p2c/Kirk on many counts - outing various alter-egos is the equivalent of pointing out that Santa/the easter bunny is really just "a man in a suit" - those in the know aren't going to be impressed, and those not in the know don't need the magic spoiled for them.

But all too often an alter-ego is just an excuse for someone to insult someone without having to face the repurcussions of public opinion. I agree with wraith2 on this count - not only do I not have a problem with the 'outing' of these malicious users, I'd suggest it's the proper thing to do.

I could be a genius if I just put my mind to it.

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