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andro gene
(cracked actor)
04/17/03 11:41 AM
Re: What does that say about me? [re: white rabbit]  

i agree, white rabbit...as much as i hate to admit it, i'd probably be attracted to and want to click on something that said "female masturbation."

i don't know. maybe i'm different from other regular TW'ers in the sense that i don't really take pride in this website or messageboard like it's part of me, or like it's my home, or something. i see it as just pure entertainment. i wouldn't care what any outsider thought of this messageboard anymore than i'd care about what someone thought of the video game i'm playing. so, it really confounds me when people get so uptight about the quality of these messageboards and want to take all these seemingly fascistic measures to keep it mature and intelligent, or whatever high expectations one may have...and i think, in general, things do remain mature and intelligent. it's just that you have the occasional person out there looking for attention the wrong way. and you just have to simply dismiss them and get on with things.

your funeral...my trial

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