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andro gene
(stardust savant)
04/19/03 08:51 AM
shame, mister twister [re: twister]  

now you're just talking "what if's".

but if you're saying "what if an idiotic poster on TW made the place so annoying that an extraordinary poster left," then i still say, so what? sure they'd be missed, but life goes on, they have an email address and instant messengers and things through which you can still contact them, and it's likely that another poster would come and rise to the occasion.

on a more serious note, i apologize if i'm offending those of you that hold this messageboard in high regard. i'm just perhaps trying to show another point of view--one that's questioning whether the situation is really that bad enough to make you want to go through the bother of changing things around. the messageboard doesn't seem broken, so what bother fixing it?

your funeral...my trial

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