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(cracked actor)
04/28/03 07:09 AM
Who cares? [re: ziggywombat]  

I never thought I'd actually start discussing my feelings about bozoing. I never thought it was significant enough! I've noted a few posts lately indicating that bozos are not an accurate indicator of popularity. That's true. We know two things: 1. Whenever there is a thread discussing the bozo concept (eg. Cisite's recent one) people accumulate more bozos. Somebody thinks that's funny. 2. People with multiple accounts bozo a singular poster multiple times. Somebody thinks that's powerful. I only agree slightly more with the former sentiment. But seriously peeps, how can you spend so much time [utterly bewildered]caring?[/utterly bewildered] We already know it's not a reliable indicator of popularity or quality of poster. But anybody sitting around worrying about their popularity or how multiple bozos may affect it has some deeper problems. And do you (generically speaking) really use someone's bozo count to help you decide if they are a quality poster? Don't you read someone's posts a few times, then they catch your eye--positively or negatively--then you look at their profile to learn about them, but you've already made up your mind as to wherther you like reading their posts or not? Huh? Huh? Isn't that how it works? Or do you look, see they have 19 bozos and then say "I want to read no more of that Bozo's posts!" If so, may I say that at the bare minimum, you are easily influencable, and probably need to learn to think for yourself a bit more.

As for my use of the bozo filter, I have bozoed individual posters in the past. It's effective if that person really irritaties you. Currently I think I don't have any real, human, primary personalities bozoed, just a lot of superfluous alters. If I have mistakenly bozoed an actual poster, I'm only very slightly sorry, but I can't see how the quality of my life or his/hers suffers in any way.

As for my own bozo count, and observing other peep's bozo counts, it is one of the smaller amusements in my life. I think it should stay for that purpose. It think that anyone who feels their bozo count has some serious negative impact on their life, and they need to hide it away from other posters, needs a new hobby.

ps. Yes, I do think it's very juvenile to announce "I bozo you! I can't hear you ! Nya nya nya nya nya!" loudly to a person in front of every one on the playground, and then run away. But don't you (again generically speaking) just roll your cyber eyes and go on about your business like I do?

PECHH! I need coffee.


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