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07/18/03 11:08 AM
Re: off topic: energy, prayers, angels... [re: Tati_wl]  

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I read a book a week ago and it was mentioned. It was a book written by a spirit, incorporated in a medium woman (mediun= basically,people who have powers to communicate with spirits).
Anyway, the spirit was talking about prayers and guardian angels. He said that a lot of people pray for something, and if the wish is not accomplished, the person usually blames god, the angels etc. Now it comes: guardian angels canīt change another personīs decisions. They can inspire others, but canīt actually think for another person or change their thoughts and wills; itīs acctually against the universe law.
So it doesnīt work to pray "please, make John kiss me tomorrow", because John will do what he wants to do. No force of the universe can interfere. And so on. Interesting you saw this theory there in Sweden too, and yet related to UFOs (I associate aliens and spirits).

But when a person say a prayer "from the bottom of their heart", the good or positive forces of the universe surround the person and elevate itīs energy, and thatīs why the person always feel better after praying (and it really happens to me, no matter how depressed I am when I pray, just after I feel a great peace ).

What a right load of old bollocks.


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