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05/21/04 02:18 PM
Re: "Newbies" [re: hangontoyourself]  

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Works for me!!!

Says who?

I bear more grudges
than lonely high court judges

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.*Arsehole on my elbow  Remade/Remodeled05/18/04 10:56 PM
.*Re: Arsehole on my elbow  96dbFreak05/20/04 02:38 AM
.*Re: I wanted to be a sociology major  diamondogz7405/04/04 05:30 AM
.*Sometimes I just want to refuse irony, ok?  Starlite05/04/04 05:28 PM
.*What a load of piffle.  diamondogz7405/14/04 06:40 AM
.*Would you girls like to see what's in my tights?  strangeDivine05/03/04 02:47 PM
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.*verification  White Prism05/08/04 03:57 PM
.*Re: Nuns on the run  96dbFreak05/07/04 03:58 PM
.*Greener?  dukewhite05/07/04 12:13 PM
.*Re: Greener?  SoulLoveChild05/07/04 10:24 PM
.*I'm still being serious  Starlite05/03/04 09:02 PM
.*The sad truth:TJ was a better poster than Starlite  White Prism05/04/04 04:50 AM
.*Re: The sad truth:TJ was a better poster than Star  Odinsdracodottir05/06/04 02:59 AM
.*It is strange  Monkeyboy05/05/04 06:06 PM
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.*Re: Mince  RabbitFighter05/12/04 05:56 AM
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.*Brains Help  EJSundayModerator05/14/04 05:18 AM
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.*Doing It Is Not Automatically Funny - Do It Right  EJSundayModerator05/15/04 08:19 AM
.*Re: Doing It Is Not Automatically Funny - Do It Right  pablopicasso05/15/04 12:46 PM
.*Not good enough...  diamondogz7405/06/04 05:16 AM
.*You fucker  Monkeyboy05/03/04 04:41 PM
.*Re: You fucker  SweetChildGNR05/05/04 06:51 PM
.*Cat turds  Monkeyboy05/05/04 11:23 PM
.*Re: You fucker  RabbitFighter05/05/04 06:58 PM
.*Re: You fucker  Grey_Nihilist05/05/04 07:02 PM
.*Re: You fucker  RabbitFighter05/05/04 07:15 PM
.*Tub fucker  Monkeyboy05/05/04 10:59 PM
.*Re: You fucker  GodlessWonder05/05/04 10:32 PM
.*Re: You fucker  pablopicasso05/03/04 04:54 PM
.*Re: You fucker  CAwesome05/03/04 06:18 PM
.*Let's just call it as it is  Monkeyboy05/03/04 08:08 PM
.*Re: I wanted to be a sociopath  SysiyoModerator05/03/04 12:05 PM
.*Re: "Newbies"  96dbFreak05/01/04 03:53 AM
.*Please take my advise  White Prism04/30/04 02:54 PM
.*Re: Please take my advise  SweetChildGNR04/30/04 03:33 PM
.*Yeah, whatever...  Monkeyboy05/01/04 01:50 AM
.*Re: "Newbies"  Emil04/30/04 02:35 PM
.*Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables  Marquis04/30/04 01:02 PM
.*Off the record  Monkeyboy05/01/04 01:54 AM
.*Re: "Newbies"  dukewhite04/30/04 01:00 PM
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