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07/18/04 07:59 PM
Re: Christ Almighty [re: Wraith2]  

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ďDid I mention I don't know who you are?"

Yes, I have done that once or twice lately, but there is a point. As I said earlier, apart from posters who are memorable for other reasons (friends/funny/fools), there are some posters whom I remember because Iíve had prolonged disagreements with them. You, for example. I donít remember exactly what the disagreements were about (the dossier would be enormous if I kept that much detail), but I do know that youíre a complete pratt who has a go at me whenever the opportunity arises, so I respond in kind (which, clearly is against the rules as only you puppies are allowed to be rude and nasty - if I do it Iím wrong and paranoid and all that bollocks).

Then there are the people who are off my radar. I mean, you may have had relationships with/awareness of the likes of Starlite and schizophrenic in the past, but I havenít. Or at least not memorable ones. As schizophrenic points out, when I returned to posting he/she PMíd me an apology for past wrongs. I didnít honestly remember any past wrongs, but I took it in good humour. Time passed and even a few days ago we exchanged some p-mails about our mutual liking for Was (Not Was). But then he/she sides with Strawman a bit earlier in this thread and I react, only to have that complained about (one rule for me, another for you). I didnít know (or had immediately forgotten) that we were now ďfriendsĒ because schizophrenic is not on my radar. But itís just knee-jerk reacting. You side with Strawman, so youíre wrong, so you deserve a serve.

It also never fails to fascinate me how concerned you lot all seem to be as to what I think. Why the hell is it so important to you? You, Wrat, have been antagonistic towards me for as long as I can remember. But why do you bother? You clearly have no respect for me or my opinions (and of course the feeling is mutual Ė I have no idea, or interest in, what your opinions are), so why do you bother with me at all? In fact, why donít you bozo me so you wonít have to read any of my posts that bother you so much? I mean, if I see a thread started by you, I generally won't even bother to begin reading it. If I see a post by you, I'll rarely bother to look at it. I know you're a complete tosspot, so I avoid you as much as possible. I only respond when you have a go at me because, like most people, I'm wont to defend myself. By contrast, you almost seem to make it your purpose (or so it appears to me), to concentrate on having a go at me. I don't mind so much as the cut and thrust of arguing with you dunderhead puppies can be amusing at times (though like shooting fish in a barrel at other times). Is that all it is? You just enjoy arguing with me? In that case I can relate.

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