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(stardust savant)
07/18/04 11:14 PM
Ok, let me have a go! [re: 96dbFreak]  

First off, just wanna get it clear, that unlike whatever other posters, I post and get into fights solely when I'm bored. And yes, I'm bored now.

Stu, for your own good, may I bring a tiny little inconsistency in your position to your attention, in a friendly way? That inconsistency is: you say that, except for those who pick on you, you don't remeber us other TWers, and we all blend together. That is a good passive-agressive statement, bravo! It says, "you think you fuckers are worthy of my attention? Heck no, I don't even bother enough with you to tell you apart! I'm way above your obsessive petty bickering!"

Very good. Very effective.

Except... then you say that you keep a dossier to catalogue who's had arguments with you in the past so as to be well equipped for future ones.

See, unfortunately, this blows the whole "I don't care about you fuckers" stance away, and instead gets across the message of "I DO care, a lot, but I have a damn shoddy memory."

Now, of course you want to defend yourself, and rightly. But if you didn't care about us fuckers, why would you plan and prepare for future (as yet nonexistent!) arguments? If you truly were above the fray, you wouldn't care about getting into arguments with anyone, either. It would just be so way below you. If and when someone DID insult you, you'd fire back, but surely you'd be able to do so using whatever had just transpired in order to get this person mad at you. You wouldn't need obsessively documented back-up.

If you maintain that people attack you without any cause, then you could also just as easily retaliate with, "that doesn't even have to do with anything, so fuck off, snot-ass," and go on your merry way. Because gues what? If you don't care about this snot-ass, you wouldn't even bother of going through the trouble of storing info on them! What do his insults mean to you, anyway? You're above that!

But see, keeping documented tabs on people that you can use later unfortunately creates the impression that you need these tabs, because you'd be unable to stand up to them otherwise, based on the argument actually in question. It says, "I need cheap shots! I can't argue with twister/r/r/Wraith2 about the actual issues they're bringing forth, but I can make hurtful, beside-the-point personal remarks about their girlfriends or lack thereof, from info I've stored on my hard drive or read up on their livejournals!"

Now, I believe that you're better than that, Stu. I believe that you ARE capable of standing up for yourself without relying on Jossie's journal for providing you with ammunition, and that you aren't trying to get across the message of total obession and paranoia. So I'm just telling you how someof what you say can be a little counterproductive. In your own best interest, right?

Oh, and, this is also a little weird:

In reply to:

By contrast, you [Wraith2] almost seem to make it your purpose (or so it appears to me), to concentrate on having a go at me.

But, if...

In reply to:

if I see a thread started by you, I generally won't even bother to begin reading it. If I see a post by you, I'll rarely bother to look at it. I know you're a complete tosspot, so I avoid you as much as possible.


In reply to:

I only respond when you have a go at me

isn't that self-obvious? Don't you think that the reason it appears that Wraith's "purpose" is to attack you is that you ONLY read those posts of Wraith's that do so, and ignore all his OTHER posts?

I mean, that's like if I only read those posts on TW that mentioned "bacon," and never read anything else, and then complained about how the only thing that anyone ever talks about here is bacon.

And finally,

In reply to:

one rule for me, another for you

No, see, no. It's like Marquis. He insults people, yeah? He can be all cutting. But when people dish it back at him, he doesn't get all bent out of shape, but accepts it or jokes back. That's the rule, see. That if you're gonna lash out at people, you should be able to accept it when they lash back at you.

Maybe if I write this now, while drunk, you'll all understand.

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