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07/21/04 12:38 PM
I sport the grossest fangs in show biz [re: 96dbFreak]  

See, here's a perfect example of where we could use some clarity:

In reply to:

I think the problem is that some people, and you Americans in particular, are too polite. You go to the bathroom instead of the toilet. You'll be in a public place and ask for the "bathroom" or "restroom". What, do you want to take a bath? Have a nice lie down? Or are you just busting for a crap? See? I come from the north of England and now live in Australia. In both societies we speak plainly. We don't couch our meaning in euphemism to hide our embarrassment. What seem to you to be "spiteful" is in fact, just me being natural (and naturally humorous). Jesus you people would freak if you had to try to get by in the real world (and no, Americaland is not the real world). Yes, I know it's a difficult concept to grasp, just like laughing at something funny without being prompted to do so by a machine.

Now going on what you've said before, I'm going to assume that this is all meant in the spirit of light-hearted Stu-brand fun. Reading it, however, it seems awfully angry (not to mention xenophobic; that works both ways, Stuart), not at all like someone 'taking the piss' as you say.

So I propose that from now on you can italicize all the parts of your posts that are meant to be taken as jokes, and leave plain the rest. Or vice versa. Something, anything, that will indicate an attempt at humor.

See, I'm not sure I need a laugh-track to tell me when something's funny, but it *does* help when it actually *is* funny.

And I know all the roller coasters and cotton candy and foam Uncle Sam masks make you *think* Americaland is nothing but a beautiful dream, but I assure you, it takes real dollars to keep those fuckin' midgets performing night after night in Americaland Presents: An All Midget Revue!

Sadness is for poor people.

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