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(grinning soul)
08/21/04 03:51 PM
Official warning  

This place is shit these days.

I was hoping to reach the two year mark & at least make Acolyte status at TW, alas, my patience is wearing thin & I can tell you if the content doesn't improve 'round these parts in the next couple of weeks, I'm off.

It is sad that people of the calibre of Dara are leaving and then you go and ban real people too, instead of dreaded alter egos like WhitePrism, Marquis, Starlite, etc who are probably all the same person anyway, and if they are not they are just sheep following each other round in circles, a pity the one in front don't fall off a frigging cliff. It is this policy of berating anyone new that is killing the boards, especially when the older members start to die off too, soon they will have the board to themselves where they can wank each other off telling each other how clever and intelligent they are. If anyone are the TWATS on here it is them.

Hey! Save the tears, you only have yourselves to blame.

Helter Skelter
DD74 is my father

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