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(stardust savant)
08/23/04 09:53 AM
No prude like a reformed whore [re: CharlieManson]  

In reply to:

a handful of posters (who seem to spend most of their time just finding fault) come down hard on people, the only outcome will be that the new member leaves

Blah blah blah, cliques, exclusive, blah.

I think you'll find, dear Charlie, that all of this is simply due to your being a newbie, and thus will not be taken seriously, because every damn newbie complains about the same thing.

I did. White Prism did. I don't even know how many others did.

Then they learn the ways of the board and suck it up, or better yet, realize that it's not entirely true, and much rejoicing follows.


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an exclusive club for just you and a few select friends

Actually, yes. Mind you, that's not to say we want to keep new blood out. Heck, White Prism is pretty new, and yet he's made a place for himself, hasn't he?

But it's true; we don't want every and any dreck that comes along to post here. TW's semi-ritual "hazing" is a way to familiarize new posters with our messageboard's culture, and to maintain at least some type of quality control (dirty word, I know). Those who "get" the modus operandi here will be accepted happily into the fold. Those who don't will either be encouraged to modify their posting style/reactions (ie, not to get personally upset at random insults, to deal with alter egoes, etc) and after an adjustment period, fully become a part of TW as well--or they will see that this place is not for them, and leave.

If the archives are still in operation, I can show you a much sweeter, more innocent Starlite of two years ago, who complained about all the meanies here and asked for wider acceptance and peace and love. That Starlite had to die.

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surely they should be treated in the same way the likes of Rabbitfighter, Poorsoul, Beltene, Strawman and many others give outlandish retorts.

No, because theirs are actually entertaining.

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There has been enough hate and venom, it sometimes feels it is what fuels this place.


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what happens when the next person comes along, who a few people find irritating?

Well, if he or she will be given much time to prove his/her mettle, up until 90% of the board find him/her irritating, at which point he/she will be given another year's time to test his/her behavior... I think that would be more than fair.

Anyway, "irritating" and "worthless" are different things. I have at times found half of our regular posters highly irritating, as I'm sure have many others, and yet there's been no wish to ban them.

Finally, as per your comments regarding me on the Plastique thread (seeing as it's been brought up here)... yeah, God forbit I try to be helpful to a new poster and explain that deliberately putting threads into wrong forums would be looked down upon. Obviously, I should have just waited until other people started heaping abuse on this person for this reason, rather than presume to offer some advice.

Maybe if I write this now, while drunk, you'll all understand.

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