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(stardust savant)
01/02/05 10:10 PM
We Are the Village Green Reformation Society  

I am not being original nor adventurous when I restate what is constantly being brought up in this forum, that this board is a dull, tasteless, emaciated version of the Conversation Piece from years past. Why? Because everyone here has settled into their own usual groove. We’re all too comfortable here, we know what to expect. Posts that used to be shocking and/or entertaining are now just things that we’re used too and don’t hold much substance anymore. Coming across posts by Beltene now, which will undoubtedly involve fellatio, produce the same emotional response as seeing a washed up and bloated Tom Green doing the same worn-out pedantic gags on the Tonight Show’s New Years Eve Bash to get by.

Back when the Berlin Wall fell, Fukuyama famously stated that at the end of history people will become disinterested and apathetic because there are essentially no further challenges to overcome and nothing significantly new in world. Point in fact, for the past month the board’s been entertaining itself by watching twister jerk himself off while authoring an unnecessarily large amount of "TW’s favorite album of" poll for every year he can think of an album for. Is this really it? Have we nothing else to discuss? No new original music the majority might not have heard of it, or something meaningful? We’re keeping ourselves amused by taking a poll of the popular, obvious, historical pop albums. Good lord. At this point, Monkeyboy could start posting articles from Entertainment Weekly and we’d all think it was gold dug up from Woody Allen’s wastebasket in NYU.

So why do posters from the days-of-yore still keep coming here? Because we all remember what it used to be, and still have some hope, deep down in the cockles of our hearts, that someday a bit of that pre-Archive golden era will resurface. Unfortunately, there’s no going back, but we can hope to do somethings to get this place out of it’s well-worn, safety-padded lanes, and add a little thrill back to the TW experience.

What shall be done? To start off this process of rebirth I submit an appeal to Adam to repeal all bozos, and disable use to the bozo filter for 30 days. Like granting a mass pardon, or tearing off a horse’s blinders, this action will expose every member of this board to all shocking, annoying, blatantly obnoxious, and original material TWers naturally produce but which might make them uncomfortable. This will not be an thoroughly pleasant period of time, and hopefully it will damn well piss people off. Ideally, this period of time would also see the revocation of the moderator privileges of the three active young-mods – or at least, the overeager Sysiyo – so that the intention of the 30-days is not lost amongst a flood of post deletions or bannings.

The status-quo must be shaken. People must be made to get up out of their warm ass-groves and readjust their standard routines on this board. Even though this action will only be in effect for a short period of time, it will hopefully provide enough spark to catalyze a reordering of life on this board and result in some form of a rejuvenation of original content and posting at Teenage Wildlife.


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