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(wild eyed peoploid)
01/14/05 04:31 PM
Can Dara remember her first post? [re: Monkeyboy]  

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As I remember it, "long ago", only actual death threats that looked like they might be serious, or genuinely illegal stuff like kiddie porn got interfered with.

And, naturally, I’m pleased that death threats are now looked upon as commonplace and seen as an integral part of discourse.

First off, my support for Monkeyboy and external picture linking. You have no idea how much it delights me to click on his links and find beautiful photos of minced children laid-out on railway track.

Secondly, my support for Beltene and her use of explicit language. I was long under the impression the ‘vaginal muscles’ thread was deleted because it blew and she had started topics on similar ground 800 times previously. Direct me to the moderator in charge and I’ll duly make mincemeat out of them.

As for whether the mods are becoming increasingly restrictive or not, it depends on Dara’s fuzzy recollections and her use of the term ‘long ago’. As *I* remember it, both Altoid and Thomaswood were dispatched relatively easily, did not post threats or porn, and approached nowhere near Mr Dogz’s levels of lunacy. Of course, at the time I was naïve and I probably missed some things, and it is perfectly possible Dara is referring to a time before this, only I do not accept as mentioned somewhere that Dogz significantly lowered the stupidity barrier that sentences trolls to the loony bin. On the subject of minor tinkering – that is, moderating that is not ‘banning’ – there does seem to be a slight increase, due possibly to the number of idle mods at work.

Overall, however, I’m reasonably happy with what I’ve seen of the newer mods (except Syisyohoho, who out and out sucks), because they are, after all, relatively inexperienced. When they were initially appointed I (and perhaps others) feared far greater interference (‘Let’s Make Evil!’ eraserhead cried), and it must seem strange using the same account for posting ‘normally’ and performing a plethora of non-duties. Yes, I believe that the mods should be entirely congruous with TW hoi polloi, just as Adam was for so long. If anything I would like to see, if possible, a slight extension of their powers so that they have the capability of moving threads to the correct fora without flagging the thread, debating which among them has powers to move the thread, deciding which among them *should* move the thread, and congratulating themselves for moving it successfully without sending TW up the shitter. If I understood the purpose of installing new mods correctly, it was to allow more than one mod to carry out mundane duties like this should Adam prove absent … but it appears Adam alone still has full rights to some fora.

Still, a minor point and I find it difficult to work myself into a Dara-cum-Dogz trembling-fingers apoplexy (‘made me want to put a fist through my computer screen …’ ???). What else was this thread about? Oh yes, I’d much prefer guidelines to remain vaguely lost somewhere in TW’s collective subconscious. That way, at least, a really *good* argument can take off when I pull over one of our unsuspecting users and list individually all hir crimes against TW netiquette.

Thank you for your attention,

I have eaten:
TJ Newton
Stu's dossier
DDz74's sister

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