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03/25/05 11:31 AM
Proposed: The Fag Tracker  

Dear People of TW,

A state of emergency is upon us. Over recent months I have noticed a sharp increase in the level of sex-themed topics created in Coffee Shop. Many included graphic descriptions of the sexual act, and spawned frank remarks from several users who deemed it necessary to share with the rest of us the particulars of their own sexual escapades.

I have explicated many times over why this material is offensive and why any Moderator worth their weight in roaming elk would remove such posts immediately.

In the past week, however, something far more sinister has come to light:

The TW London Convention, a get-together of approximately twenty people from this very site, is scheduled for September this year. Some posters have explicitly stated that the impetus for their visit is to solely to engage in sexual relations with other TWers. To the best of my knowledge, only a handful of those who are to attend have met before. They have planned a night of drunken orgies and anonymous sex against a background of Bowie songs. In many ways it is understandable why these people would agree to such a thing, since the people they know in ‘real life’ would immediately dart for the exit if they entered a room, yet alone (God forbid) ever want to marry them.

But as you won’t know them and will be meeting most of them for the first time, I ask the judicious TWer, how do you know they are not attending simply to gratuitously satisfy their own ends? What if the person you have arranged to meet is someone different to their photograph? What if that person hurts you, abuses you, makes you feel horrible, isolated and uncared for? This, I am sad to report, is exactly what happens in most expeditions of this nature.

I browsed the site hoping to find out what would happen in such an eventuality, and the closest I discovered was this, taken from Mr Torrie’s Privacy Policy:

In reply to:

Children's Guidelines
This site is currently being revised to meet the Online Privacy Protection Act guidelines. As of this writing, the following conditions are not met
1. This site allows children to post or distribute any personally identifiable information without first obtaining verifiable parental consent.

A site with such lax controls over the personal information of its users offers pedophiles, perverts and pimps a rich hunting ground of potential victims. On flying over to London, are you not like that little child, naïve and juvenile, waiting to be molested by a filthy fag? In agreeing to meet your abductor in real life you are surrendering what little protection the internet affords, leaving your fate in the lap of God.

For the protection of all the site’s users, therefore, and to satisfy the criteria in the Online Privacy Protection Act, I propose a monitoring system that allows users to personally identify those who have made a name for themselves out of inappropriate, salacious and homosexual remarks. I hope this thread will serve as a chronicle of their activity, so that new users can access the lists of perverts that reside in this site, as well as those who aid and abet them, and quickly learn what lurks within.

The Fag Tracker v1.0 (3/25/05)

1. Diamondogz74 – abuses the trust of his patients by habitually molesting disabled children left in his care.

2. Claude – responsible for most of the site’s pornographic output, including photography of a nude/sexual nature, infringing copyright laws in the process.

3. Blacktropic84 – a fag of the highest degree.

4. ArdentDesir – self-confessed ephebophile, someone who takes an abnormal interest in barely adolescent children.

5. SonofSilence – a cross-dresser who cannot type properly because he’s busy jacking off over his keyboard.

A sketchy start, I admit, although I am responsible for the upkeep of many great sites and can only read so many posts here per day. I hope that the prudent TWer will amend the database as and when TW’s faggots drop further clues as to their identity. This way I hope TW will remain a safe haven for our children.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Fred Phelps.


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