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05/22/05 12:24 PM
Re: What was the crime? [re: Monkeyboy]  

okay, it's a useless idea to be serious anywhere in this forum as long as you are here but since there are a few other people than monkeyboy i'll still give it a try:

some threads are really just made for creating some nonsense. those are normally located in the coffee shop forum section or, if they have something to do with bowie, in the views & questions section.
and sometimes there are situations when a dumb thread seems to demand for exactly such an answer without being meant unserious. in that case it is of course no problem to post something which is not meant serious, as long as it is funny.
sometimes there is the possibility of delivering one's arguments in a funny way.

but monkeyboy's (picture) posts often don't fall in any of the categories above.
a normal poster would be able to see this and reduce his posts to those which make sense and contribute to the board in some way - even dogz found out how this works. this would make it possible to discuss topics in a serious or at least semi-serious way. which is very important for some section as the artist forum.
there are many talented people in here and there could be more interesting discussions about their contributions if there was not always some idiot destroying everything by posting nonsense. with this i don't mean a special thread, but rather some general attitude which keeps the posters from being serious when communicating.

perhaps i am completly wrong and this board is just meant as a forum for oneliners or pictures. but for me it seemed to be about communication with people all over the world and getting access to their point of views.
i cannot see a point in visiting a board in which that idea is suffocated by some mtv-leveled kind of humour, which simply does not allow the users to communicate in a free way anymore.

free speech is not just a right but also an obligation. and though there were not rules broken i can completly understand why sysiyo had to edit that post in order to protect his own (and also the other user's posting in that thread) right of free speech.

Are you bad enough?

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