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(cracked actor)
09/11/05 03:16 AM
Re: It's like I'm setting myself up, or something [re: Humbert]  

I think after a time, people are going to tire of a message board, they will blame certain things but at the end of the day something else will come along and take your time/interest. I would say if you looked at this board whenever, there would be idiotic, annoying people. We always see the past as being better, because we have filtered out the rubbish and if one is bored now, one will blame the content of the board etc. I have been guilty of this. I think if a poster is bored, they are going to pick up on the annoyances and maybe take them out of proportion a little, rather than concentrating on the good.
I still stand by something I have written a few times. Someone going to the TW homepage is going to see a news board that is two years old and possible a hot topic message board with titles like;

Have you seen my pussy
top ten garage band tracks never recorded
This latest disaster is terrible
How can ..... be making a single for the latest disaster >:-(
What songs should i compile to get my RE teacher to like Bowie
Art or Pornography

And I think a lot of people then move on to some other site, thinking nothing happens here. Over time people are going to move on but there is not enough new blood to replace them. I have no answers but I will continue to have a laugh where a laugh is needed and try and contribute to serious discussions as I can. Also encouraging newcomers and getting them over the awkward new stage that many seem to falter on. It is all we can do.

Dignity is valuable, but our lives are valuable too.

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