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(stardust savant)
09/25/05 06:22 PM
Join me in celebration!  

I think there is too much negativity around here at the moment. This is probably because I'm currently going through a rather amusing mood swing, which has rendered my attitude to pretty much the opposite end from it's usual grumpy disposition. So rather than wasting our time slagging each other off, I think we should spend a bit of time recognising the positive contributions people are making, then throw up at all the arse licking that we've just done.

Thus, I'd just like to say that this week I have particularly enjoyed reading "The God Post" created by DD74 (give 100000 monkeys a typewriter…), several of Strawman’s pithy comebacks and also E.J's "Why is TW so dull at the moment" and many of the excellent contributions within that post. I feel that this place is about to pick up again big style, as the cold winter nights draw in we'll all huddle around our computers seeking the comforting warmth that TW can provide.

What the hell am I talking about? I better post before my mood swings back...

"Play me old king Cole, that I may join with you."

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