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10/13/05 05:17 PM
Bowie Wonder World  

Bowie Wonder-world

So what’s are official stand with the rival Bowie Site. Does anyone go over occasionally? They seem a lot more friendly than we our but there conversations seem a little bit boring.
One good thing about BWW is they have a chat room that works. Why do we not have a chat room that works by the way?

I used the search over there and typed in Teenage Wildlife and it come with this and much much more!
• Yes Everyone on Teenage Wildlife is pretty much Young. I tried it there but they were all so....Pesstimistic about....well... EVERYTHING! I would stay away from there If I were you.
• I find it pretty disgusting that you lot have an entire thread devoted to bitching and slandering an entire group of people and then have the gall to call them childish. TW's have a different way of communicating with eachother- we use alot of black humour and we aren't big users of political correctness.. opinions aren't really censored by pleasentaries. If you're too fucking ignorant to understand the way the place works and appreciate the freedom of expression offered there obviously you don't have to go there; but you don't have to try disuade others from going there either.
• The people over at Teenage Wildlife definately ARE NOT as nice as the people here at Bowiewonderworld. I made one little opinion, and the people screamed at me. And they are quite disgusting too. So I am NEVER going back there
• I used to be a part of the teenage wildlife message board until relatively recently, but I soon saw the light and went through a "traansiton".

The whole atmosphere in BWW is much better, with Teenage Wildlife MB being clogged up with personal vendetta's, and people who cannot accept or respect other peoples opinions.

I just want to praise you Wonderworlders for making this a excellent atmosphere for discussion, and keep up the chattin!
• A bit slow aren’t you I must be "from" Teenage Wildlife! LOL
• Simon
I had a look over and my jaw dropped.
I do try to see things from other people's point of view, but could only assume these people had mistaken a Bowie fan's chatroom for a 'bored twat-room'!
You know, Nevada knows, I know, everyone else who has contributed to this debate (and I believe others who have not yet too) know there are countless reasons to go along with at least some of our suggestions, and few reasons not to.
It seems a shame to say it, but with correspondents like that, the TW site/room is a lost cause for me.
I don’t think they like us very much

What Would You Rate Bowie Wonderworld ***** being great

They are a few things we could adopted from BWW site to improve our own.


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