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10/15/05 09:46 AM
Re: BWW = English online fan club [re: Dara]  

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However, I suspect you probably need to be English to get the best out of BWW: for the rest of us the atmosphere is a little too Little Englander stifling.

That's how I see it, I've been there to read of news events but find the conversations like those to be heard in a local supermarket, way too smarmy and slighty childish at times, the atmosphere is to friendly to be taken seriously IMO.

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BWW also toes the corporate line more than TW, not just in what it reports but in what can be discussed there.

And that I find mighty boring, for me TW is the best Bowie site for it's sheer freedom of virtually anything goes, yes we insult one another and are bastards at times, but it's that what draws me here, to a friend you can insult in a way that is taken as fun, that's how I see TW.

London Bye Ta-Ta...

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