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10/18/05 02:31 AM
Re: My Census details [re: Persilot]  

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Interesting fact: I can open beer bottles with my teeth.

You would be very useful to me right now. I've been tearing holes in my shirt all night witth those damn caps.

Ths is my first drunken post at TW, i do believe. You guys, I think i should just say it now. I'm a lesbian.

Psych. It's just that most normal drunkards end up making some juicy admission (or if your Claude, emission) during their late night drunken post sprees but I don't realy have anything.

Oh okay jere's soething pathetic.The reason i'm drunk is coz my mom freaked out on me for opening this package from barnes and nobles because i wanted to be a sneaky bastard and check our my christmas presents. yeah i'm a douche, anywaym she caught on when the tape was peeling back. and man, she really made me feel like the antichrist. she's the queen of guilt trips. she said i took away the joy of christmas for her. but it's just that i'm not much into surprises and i'm vbery impatient and iknew she was getting me that Moonage Daydream book nreally wanted to look at the pics. so yeah, i suck at life and i killed kris kringle and i guess i should just keep drinking unntil i can't remember any of this.

Ransom notes keep falling out your mouth.
Mid-sweet talk, newspaper word cut-outs.

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