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10/18/05 10:31 AM
Re: TW Census [re: JamieSim]  

Name: FastChanges
Number of Alters: 0
Am I a real person?: Yes
Prove it!: you've seen me and you've heard me, do you need more?
Interesting fact: I'm a sex-addict
Religion: sex and music
Occupation: too complex for you and... sex

Arguments are to be avoided; they are always vulgar and often convincing.

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.*I'm hiding next to R.Kelly  Marquis10/24/05 03:20 PM
.*Re: I'm hiding next to R.Kelly  Pablo-Picasso10/24/05 03:26 PM
.*Re: I'm hiding next to R.Kelly  Fatherless_Scum10/24/05 05:17 PM
.*This is all true  JarethsGirl10/27/05 01:32 AM
.*Re: This is all true  Pablo-Picasso10/27/05 01:39 AM
.*Re: This is all true  FastChanges.10/28/05 02:43 AM
.*FAKE!!  Pablo-Picasso10/28/05 03:00 AM
.*Re: FAKE!!  FastChanges.10/28/05 07:23 PM
.*Re: FAKE!!  Shelle10/28/05 03:19 AM
.*Re: TW Census   Tinkerbelle10/18/05 07:37 PM
.*Re: TW Census   Vanessa_Y10/18/05 09:50 PM
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.*Re: TW Census   FredPhelps10/18/05 03:34 PM
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.*Re: Titania and other characters  LadyGravedigger10/18/05 01:16 PM
.*Re: Titania and other characters  ladymacbeth10/22/05 04:18 PM
.*Re: Titania and other characters  LadyGravedigger10/23/05 01:04 PM
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.*Re: My Census details  planocraft10/17/05 07:12 PM
.*Re: TW Census   diamondogz7410/17/05 01:08 PM
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