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11/04/05 05:33 AM
Death to Collector's Corner!  

I was just flicking around the forums and noticed that Artiste's threads have a lifespan of 100 days. Good idea, I approve.

I also noticed Sysiyo suggesting on the 'sticky' thread in Artiste's that Coffee Shop should be treated similarly. Bad idea, I don't approve - Coffee Shop has always been the meat of the TW sandwich. True, sometimes it's been, well, bad meat. Sometimes. But the meat it remains, and unless purging old posts is absolutely 100% necessary, I oppose it.

But I don't think many people disagree with me on that one. That's not the issue.

The issue is Collector's Corner. Just sitting there, clogging up the arteries of the site with four years worth of threads of "I'm selling this random piece of shit" and "I want this random piece of shit". There's absolutely no reason to keep old CC threads - the old threads are just selling stuff that's already been sold! Meaningless!

I suggest we set a relatively tight cull on Collector's Corner, considering how quickly the threads become redundant. I suggest an expiry window of 30 days. Plenty of time for even the more casual collectors to see what's up, and a not unconsiderable saving of space.

All in favour?

I could be a genius if I just put my mind to it.

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