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02/17/06 11:41 AM
Re: A delicious selection [re: Hannibal_Lecter]  

Avatar for Sale!!!

Slightly used. Previous owner was EuropeanCanon who kept him locked up in the basement with Ken Pitt. But not to worry! I've been assured by Vanessa_Y that any curious stains you may find will wash out. PM me if you're interested. Price is one pack of Skittles OBO. (Or Best Offer)

Talking to you is like going into a restaurant and ordering a salad, and then having the waitress come back with a box of talking sporks, all of them crying because they will never know the joy of having elbows. ~Schizo on b_mardle

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.*Stupid, I know  Bamboo702/17/06 02:01 PM
.*Re: Stupid, I know  b_mardIe02/17/06 02:04 PM
..Re: A delicious selection  Bamboo702/17/06 11:41 AM
.*Dance, banana, dance  FastChanges.02/17/06 01:16 PM
.*Re: Dance, banana, dance  Pablo-Picasso02/17/06 01:32 PM
.*Re: Dance, banana, dance  diamondogz7402/17/06 01:42 PM
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.*Re: Avatar test  diamondogz7402/10/06 04:09 PM
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