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(stardust savant)
02/25/06 08:58 PM
Self improvement programme  

I was just listening to some crap on the radio about how facing your weaknesses and using self evaluation was the way towards a better, healthier more well adjusted you. So in order to improve my performance at TW I intend to do just that. So here is my self evaluation audit.

Name: Persilot

Spelling and grammar: Usually good, except for the strange habit of dropping ellipses everywhere...

Quality of posts: I don't tend to post meaningless crap... well occasionally I do, but on the whole I'd say most of my posts have a purpose.

Strengths: Erm, I try to be funny on occasion (try being the motive word) and I think carefully about what I'm posting (except when drunk, Mr. Potato head being a good example) Iíd like to imagine that some of what I write bounces along quite nicely.

Weaknesses: Iím guilty of massive skimreading of other peoples posts and I never get involved in serious discussions which I could probably contribute to if I tried. Also my Bowie related thread output is next to nothing. Recently Iíve not been posting as much as I used to, the quality of my output seems to have dropped. Oh and I tend to be a bit Brit centric at time.

My targets: Get involved in a serious discussion (but in a valid and insightful way) and have some discussions about music.

Anyone else brave enough to search the depths of their soul and be brutally honest with us?

A scholar and a gentleman. Well at least one of them...

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