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03/22/06 03:34 AM
Ready, Dave? Here we go... [re: Diamond_Dave]  

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That is what alot on non TW people don't get about this site. The Bowie content on the boards is super at times but the blatent rude attitude of alot of the coffee shop posters leaves many scratching their heads.

You seem to be a real man about town in the Bowie Internet Community. I'm curious just who all these people are. Really, I want to know.

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Instead of trying to respon in a decent manner most of the time people here who live on TW respond with insults, foul language and the same drivel they have been using for god knows how long.

You try reading Dogz's posts and staying civil. Or sane for that matter.

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Sometimes it is funny how I keep seeing the same insults directed towards the same members. It only reinforces the fact that the minds of most rude ppl here are very small and childish.

Is that...wait a minute...an insult, Dave? But you're doing it for a good cause - your own. So I'm sure it doesn't count. Try actually being the better person before announcing that you are.

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The same ppl take pride in the fact they can create 3 or 4 differant accounts to use as a tool to try and make the site better. The same ppl again spend many hours tracing posts going back a fair way to try and find ways of insulting members.

Wow...you seem to know these "ppl" quite intimately. You know their innermost thoughts and motivations as well as their actions. Amazing...simply amazing.

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These same members have tried hard to pull the same crap on other Bowie sites and fallen down before they even started.

I doubt this is actually true. I suspect - and, really, I could be wrong - that what you witnessed was more along the lines of a wannabe trying to set up shop as "the Monkeyboy of BWW" or whatever.

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The only way this site will ever get back to the days of the late 90's is by Evan taking control back and keeping the site updated. Everything about this site is old and run down. I would love to see TW become an updated and informative site again. If he doesn't care about it then why not let say Adam take over thenews section and make regular updates to the other areas?

Alright, we can see eye to pigly eye on this one. Assuming that TW is actually old and run down, I do think that the best way to revive it is to bring back heavy updating. This would be greatly helped if Daddy were doing things to regularly update about. What gets me here is how you start off talking about how mean people with potty mouths are the problem while bringing this in as the solution.

And then you go into this crap again:

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Monkeyboy and Strawman should go and buy a joke book because their worn out repeated attempts to insult members has become a yawn. Otherwise they could become nice ppl and maybe more older members might just come back.

First off, are you implying that joke books are actually good? Well, I've said time and time again that my humor is a) not for everyone and b) best with new people to get offended by it. You might think that you've really kicked me in the balls with your criticizm but if you don't think I'm amusing that's fine, you aren't my target audience - I am. Personally, I think I'm fucking hilarious. Thank you, though, for implying that both myself and Strawman have the power to influence TW's membership so heavily with what we say. I disagree, but we clearly are quite important in your eyes so thank you.

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Then again that would be bad for them because all the attention would no longer be soley focused on them. It must be hard when you need to use a run down message board on TW to generate a fan base and attention.

If it makes your pathetic existence happier to think that I'm so much of a loser, go right ahead. Just don't look at the fact that you are a hanger-on to a site that you think is dead in the water. That might be sad.

But all wackiness aside, I really hope that you understand our counter criticizm: assuming that TW is sucking these days perhaps the most effective way to bring about a change is to contribute good stuff rather than simply bitch and moan. Waiting for other people to make this the site you want it to be won't work. Like Gandhi said: be the change you want to see.

Me, I approach this site with my own agenda and my own perspective - everyone does. This is an interactive experience where everyone adds what they want to add - for better or for worse. Create your own little corner of TW and hope that people notice. Try adding a little bit of the content and/or discussion that you think we should be having or simply shut the fuck up. I'm not saying that any of the problems you've addressed don't exist - it's your opinion so whatever. I'm simply saying that if you don't like certain aspects of the site try countering it with your own rays of sunshine. Then, and only then, we might visit your stupid fucking Bowie bootleg site.

And since you seem to have your finger on the pulse of the Bowie Fan Community, send them the same message. Certainly a wave of "decent" posters will drown out the crap that seems to be bothering them. And I appreciate your concern but I can handle it if it should happen.


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