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(stardust savant)
03/23/06 12:55 PM
Trust me...  

I'm sick of listening to people bitching about what to do about TW. Trust me, lets try a few of these ideas and if it doesn't sort the site out I'll eat my beermat.

1) Turn TW into a reality TV programme. Every week someone gets voted off, till eventually all that will be left will one insane poster gibbering to themselves and croaking "Bowie loves me! I KNOW HE LOVES ME I CAN PROVE IT!!!!!!" before attempting to fly by jumping out of a window using the divine power of Ziggy.

2) Lobotomise the entire population of TW so that our attention spans and ability to reason becomes severely reduced, (admittedly this might not have much effect on some people) We'll be able to read the same posts again and again without ever getting bored, plus we'll never have to leave our computers because we'll get fed through a drip feed.

3) Option 3. Trial by combat. Rather than having these long pointless drawn out arguments, we build a big arena and have any members in dispute going at it hammer and tongs with axes, swords or maybe more destructive weapons like forcing your opponent to listen to Tin Machine.

4) Force everyone to post either drunk or drugged up. Soon we won't even care as we all sit around typing, "I luv yuise man." (again for some of us there may be little change)

5) Give the moderators control of deadly satellite laser weapons with which they can accurately target and destroy any user in the world at the touch of the button. The penalty for death, failure to join the TW Labyrinth Youth League or subversive behaviour.

6) Put DD74 in charge. Hell anything’s worth a try right?

Well I have plenty of other ‘great’ ideas, but let me know what you think of these first.

You must be hammer unto anvil

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