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(legendary cowboy)
04/25/06 06:17 PM

Adam, could you clarify which forum each moderator has authority in please?

I think I know, but I still want it clarified.

This was my understaning:

The News Today

Views And Questions [EJ Sunday]


Collector's Corner

Coffee Shop [Tati_wl and ohramona]

I Was An Artiste [Sysiyo, K. or what-ever the fuck he calls himself these days]

Site Feedback

Here's my closing question.

If Tati_wl and ohramona are the moderators in the Coffee Shop; what is EJ Sunday doing moderating in that forum? Not that I have anything against you, EJ Sunday (Moderator / heroic dolphin), but I do like you better as EJ (byroad singer). And hell, we're still the same person according to Black Prism and Strawie.


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