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04/26/06 12:04 PM
TW Vulnerabilities  

Hi. I've been thinking. We're all sensitive, nice people here and yet we don't have a peer support group. We need a special thread to talk about our emotions and support eachother without being sarcastic. I have experience as a peer supporter at school so I will listen to you and I will offer advices and make sure you feel much better after our session.

So, who's gonna be the first QT to admit how much the witch of Narnia got him horny?

My ass belongs on your face.

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.*Re: Stealing my Magazine, eh?  Atonalexpress06/16/06 07:53 PM
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.*Re: Sorry  Beltene06/10/06 04:55 AM
.*Re: TW Vulnerabilities  Forgotten_Boy05/17/06 04:30 AM
.*I actually ate the donkey  Shelle05/17/06 01:55 PM
.*Re: TW Vulnerabilities  Shelle04/30/06 02:40 PM
.*Re: TW Vulnerabilities  icarusboy05/17/06 04:18 AM
.*Celebrating man's inhumanity to man  ladymacbeth05/17/06 04:06 AM
.*Re: Celebrating man's inhumanity to man  Shelle05/17/06 01:47 PM
.*Spewing forth...  ladymacbeth05/17/06 07:21 AM
.*Re: TW Vulnerabilities  Monkeyboy04/27/06 05:39 AM
.*Re: TW Vulnerabilities  Beltene04/27/06 12:09 PM
.*Re: TW Vulnerabilities  diamondogz7404/26/06 03:04 PM
.*Re: TW Vulnerabilities  guiltpuppy04/27/06 01:26 AM
.*Re: TW Vulnerabilities  diamondogz7404/27/06 08:12 AM
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