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Black Prism
(cracked actor)
07/29/06 01:34 PM
Anon photo guy kicks Mick Rock's ass [re: PHOENIX]  

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[Arlequino] Tell me you don't have a Stu-style dossier with all the most cringeworthy threads ever created in this place...

Relax, I have no such thing. Some are so bad, however, that they inevitably stick in the mind. I know in the past, for instance, that you've stated you have fond memories of BoeS' 'Who's the Ugliest TWer', and the mighty WildWind's attempts to beat some sanity into him. That 'party' thread has always stuck with me as the epitome of having completely the wrong idea about this place.

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Hello sir! Great to see you back.

Ah, I trust you heard about the lollipop incident. I'd love the photo even more if I could believe with any certainty that it wasn't doctored. Honestly, what were the chances that someone in the crowd should snap a photo right at the moment when that happened? Or perhaps they videoed it? Maybe there's actual footage out there of the trajectory as the lolly arcs in, on which some smartass has added his own commentary, 'er . . . There's an unidentified projectile surfacing out from the front row, which appears to be some kind of candy bar . . . it's over Campbell's head, it's past Dorsey, it's right on-line for Bowie's face and . . . yowtch! --

-- that's gotta hurt . . .'

. . . or something like that.

[neon]I'm not trolling; I'm moderating. [/neon]

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