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(stardust savant)
08/06/06 01:21 PM
Re: What does TW mean to you? [re: Persilot]  

What TW means to me... Difficult question, since lately there have been times when I've been posting here only about twice a month, and sometimes even thought about completely leaving this site. But still, something keeps drawing me back here everytime, even after a short break.

First I think I came here for the obvious reason: to discuss Bowie. And still, this seems to be, where I first hear, if Bowie does anything even slightly interesting. And also, this is the place to talk about it, since there's no-one else around me in my life outside web, who's interested enough. For example, a few people have noticed me wearing my Ziggy-socks, but that's usually created only a less than three-minute conversation. On the other hand, here...

But since Bowie's been doing so little in public lately, there must be some other reason I still come here... I guess it just has to do something with the people. And I guess the honesty of people, even when it means being rude. And the freedom to forget the original subject of a thread. And the freedom to start threads about almost any topic, like a couple of people have already mentioned.

This is a sort of internet equivalent of a play ground. There are a few bullies, but also a lot of fun people to play with.

I look at you and you look at me and deep in our hearts know it
That you weren't much of a muse, but then I weren't much of a poet

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