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09/18/06 12:29 PM
Arguments unlikely to annoy a true TWer...  

The seasoned Twer is a tough creature, well able to withstand a hail of abuse and still emerge with a smile on their face

The following are unlikely to work against an experienced Twer and will instead make you look like a dick;

1) The "You spend all your time posting here" attack. Any sort of variation of "Don't you have a life?" "You are a sad individual who spends all his time at TW" and so on is actually unlikely to have an effect because firstly... how would you know unless you were also here all the time and secondly because really this is kind of having an indirect go at everyone on the board for being in a similar position.

2) The "I'm disappointed in your latest post." attack. Usually coming from people you've never heard of or whom only appear stupidly rarely, this attack falls down on the premise that the person or in fact anyone will actually give a shite about your opinion.

3) "You're not even a proper David Bowie fan". People say this like it's some sort of hurtful thing that is gonna cause the rest of TW to form a lynch mob and turf someone out pronto.

4) “I’m going to bozo you” Fine… go ahead.

5) “Until you leave I’m not going post anything.” Again… fine, go ahead.

6) “The incomprehensible, bad grammar attack”. It doesn’t matter how good your argument is, the experienced TW will tear your post to confetti if it has any major grammatical flaws within it.

Any more?

"I know you believe you understand what you think I've said. But I am not sure you realise that what you heard is not what I meant."

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