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(phunnix little bunnix)
01/22/07 02:18 AM
The Classic Comments Archive  

As I was perusing the Views and Questions forum today I came across this :

Thread Title : That thing on Bowie's neck
to dizzy : I'm just wondering, is it still there? Or did he have it removed?
Nature Boy : what, his head?

It gave me a bit of a laugh, as have other little comments so far in 2007. Sometimes actually there have been big laughs. But unfortunately these threads die and slip away. People who have been away, those who would really have appreciated a certain Monkeyboy slap or a Claude slip-up never get to read one of their favourite's great moments.

Shouldn't we have at the very least a thread to file the best of TW in?

I propose my very fine thread here! I'll keep posting my favourite quotes at least until nobody is even bothering to look or contribute anymore. Remember, when something strikes you think "The Classic Comments Thread!"

Am I suspended in gaffa?
WHERE IS MY BOOKMARK? Please help me...

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