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02/04/07 06:17 PM
Promoting ethnic diversity  

Due to recent controversial discussion on the TW fora about possible racism and in order to bring us more closely in line with EU regulation 117743366855655111777333997653366 (The Representation of Ethnic Bowie Fans Act), I think we should take the following steps.

1) We should celebrate our ethnic diversity by creating a new forum called "It takes all sorts" into which we celebrate and rejoice our different religions and cultures. Working together to promote a peaceful and purposeful environment we can break down the barriers that separate us from each other and join together in celebration. In this forum we'll post pictures, images, shared discussion of our favourite foods, pastimes and religious ideas. Much like the coffee shop, but better.

2) A new moderator should be appointed to positively discriminate the forums. Their job will be to read through the many posts of TW and if they find a comment or jibe that reflects negatively on the shared community, flip it around to turn it into a positive comment. E.g... "I hate Chinese people" becomes "I love Chinese people".

3) A new recruitment drive to encourage more ethnic minorities into the community. In fact a new regulation should be introduced to ensure that every 2 in 10 posters posting on the board is non-white. Through positive discrimination and some aggressive poster campaigns we too can achieve racial harmony.

If we implement these actions soon enough I'm confident we can fight the growing wave of racism and bitterness and bring our messageboard into a brighter and better future.

[insert deity] be with you...

You sit there in your comfort, you don't believe I'm real. But you cannot buy protection from the way that I feel!

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