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02/06/07 03:07 PM
Tolerance [re: Dogz]  


It's stupid. I doubt the intent was to show violence towards homosexuals but now that I've read that article my brain has been forever poisoned.

Sort of like when someone I know was really bothered that King Kong "was totally about" the follies of interracial romance and how wrong it was that the big monkey died in the end. I really doubt that was the actual intent (especially of the remake), but now that the idea is in my head that's the way I will always see it. Even if the original intent was harmless, their own preconceived notions about how the world must work infected mine in a fairly effective way.

So fuck you all. Let me have my fun, you assholes. (The fact that this coincides with another current conversation is totally unintentional on my part.)

Please visit my Message Board so I can ban you.

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