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White Prism
(stardust savant)
02/10/07 05:11 PM
thomas ismail on crack, et al. [re: Kirk]  

In reply to:

I never really considered this till power2charm stated it repeatedly -

(it being his policy, and that which he believes to be the correct policy, and that which I have adopted on the basis of moral agreement rather than peer pressure, as you should also)

It is bad form to 'out' an 'alter-ego', or 'multiple-identity'.

For the health of the message board, and the maintenance of 'in-jokes', and *so* many more reasons...

I think at least some of us (er, just me) have observed this for several years, but this rule, irrc, predates the emergence of ultra-sucky alter egos which began with the invasion of Karmastarman &c.

If it's evident that virtually everyone disapproves of such alter egos, should we puncture their crappy personae early on, or continue to allow those kindly/good-hearted/retarded TWers who answer their beck and call to interact with them? (Later, I believe p2c advised that perpetrators of 'naive' alter egos should take a razor and bleed neatly into the sink, though he said nothing of their disclosure.)

And in case the answer is they should remain concealed, I hasten to add that this question is not at all prompted by recent posts in the fora.

Mormons are the worst because, much like telemarketers, they're not allowed to fuck off until you tell them to. -- Wraith2

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