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06/19/07 02:32 PM
The important part of Dara's post [re: Dara]  

In reply to:

WildWind's outrageous dismissal of the noble art of boxing purely on the basis of a Sly Stallone flick

For fuck's sake, for the millionth time, it wasn't solely on the basis of accidentally catching a few minutes of Rocky III on TV that I decided I didn't like boxing; that incident just reminded me how vile I thought boxing was.

FWIW, my opinion changed a bit due to the thread discussion. I'm pretty sure my objection is actually to the spectacle of American prizefighting and the way it's practiced rather than to the entirety of the sport of boxing, especially as it's practiced elsewhere. I learned from the thread that in other countries, it's not as much of a billion-dollar industry where promoters get rich by pitting underprivileged people against one another in a human dogfight as it is in the States.

There's a productive thread 'round here every now and then.

Sometimes I feel the need to move on. So I pack a bag and move on.

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