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(electric tomato)
07/04/07 10:24 AM
The Killjoy [re: EJ]  

I'm actually surprised you guys think there's really enough happening here to warrant a third mod. Damn! What with the flood of Bowie output and influx of new members, I feel for you guys, I mean, you must really have your work cut out for you!

Seriously though, I can't imagine naming a new mod (at this point in time) as being anything other then a backslapping, self-congratulatory gesture (heightened by the fact that K pretty much all but revealed who he wanted on board).

If we were serious about getting another mod though, I'd suggest someone like SLC, who always seems to cast a very sweet, fair and balanced eye over everything. Of course, I'd doubt she'd be interested or have the time, but I think it could be potentially dangerous giving power to those whose egos may in turn effect their decision making.

Is there really THAT much that needs moderating around here anyway K? I've always thought that most TWers just ignore deliberately inflammatory posts anyway.

Pain is hearing Bowie and Mickey Rourke trading rap lines on 'Shining Star (Making My Love)'. Yes, the actor Mickey Rourke makes an appearance on a David Bowie album credited as "rapper".

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.*subject  Auntie Prism07/03/07 06:27 AM
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