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K Administrator
(thunder ocean)
07/04/07 12:32 PM
Re: No one is suitable [re: Auntie Prism]  

Bitty isn't Dogz, as noted by Emil elsewhere.

And no, there isn't much activity on the boards at the moment. However, with both EJ and Ohro here only sporadically (and personally I've got less time to spend here than before), this place is quite susceptible to another Dogz attack or something of the sort when none of us three are around.

But as most of you are clearly against the appointment of another mod, I think we can do without for the time being.

"Fishfingers are made of fish?! ... Then I don't like them."
- my brother

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.*Re: AWOL  Monkeyboy07/07/07 08:41 AM
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..Re: No one is suitable  KAdministrator07/04/07 12:32 PM
.*Misunderestimation  Crazy Diamond07/03/07 06:11 AM
.*subject  Auntie Prism07/03/07 06:27 AM
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