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(crash course raver)
07/06/07 02:22 PM
Re: Higher Education [re: K]  

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The most important thing would be to bring the site up-to-date (the albums-, singles- and tours-sections). The interactive concert pages are neat but not altogether nescessary. The fan database it a bit more difficult as it's tied to the forum.

IMO, the interactive concert pages are/were one of the best and unique features of TW. The discographic and tour info is nice, but it's available online on other sites.

The other good thing about TW, of course, is that it's message board has the best structure (although, if I were running it, I would divide the "Views & Questions" into one subforum for facts and one for opinion).

I'm not sure how much programming knowledge is needed to maintain this site. The structure is there and doesn't need to be changed. Mostly "cut & paste", I would think.

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