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10/05/07 02:28 AM
Re: If TW Shut Its Doors [re: Wraith2]  

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Can you at least acknowledge that you're wasting your time?

I don't think anyone ever purported the belief that they were acheiving something great here. Well, okay... maybe Stu. But, if I poured as much effort into a thing, I'd want to believe it was worth my time, too. (I'm just kidding, Stu. Please don't blacklist me.)

To be honest, though, I would miss the people here if they all decided to spend their time in nobler ways. There are already several posters whose long absences I've been sad about, namely Dara and eraserhead (at least we got a formal farewell from Dara! ...I feel so used, e.) Also, that people like Persilot and Shelle and Sam_X (among others) only pop their heads in every once in a while bums me out. But hey, I'm no better about "contributing regularly." (Perhaps I need more fiber in my diet.)

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Mardell: No.

Your furry red ass is so full of shit! You still love it here, or you would have gone long ago one of those many times you threatened to. Anyway, what's wrong with feeling that you've wasted everyone's time? That's what we come here for.

Summer makes me drowsy.
Autumn makes me sing.
Winter's pretty lousy,
But I hate Spring.

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