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02/16/08 05:28 AM
Stop pushing your agenda on me!  

As I've discussed many times before, I prefer to read the message boards in threaded mode. I think it's much nicer and easier to navigate through. I understand that I might be the only one who reads the boards in this manner but I won't pass a value judgement on everyone else who, presumably, live their lives like disorganized cretins. To each hes own, I always say.

As I was saying. I was looking at the results of yet another hilarious and, I don't mind saying thought-provoking poll made by yours truly in the morning of February 16 in the year of our lord, 2008. When I clicked on the rather convenient button provided to go back to the thread I was utterly and profoundly shocked - shocked, I say - to see that my beautiful threaded mode had been converted to the ugly, ugly flat mode that I have tried so hard to avoid.

This is an outraged. I am outraged and offended by this outrage! How dare you in the flat mode-reading elite push your filthy, baby-molesting view option on me. I have given to this site. Given so much that my personal relationships have suffered and have I asked for praise? Have I asked to be treated in any sort of special way? Have I gone out of my way to drive out posters whom I found personally disgusting even though a lot of people seemed to like them? No, I have not. And now this...this...travesty! I stood by silently while EJ said dumb shit a number of times and have otherwise been a model citizen of this little community that we call our community. Still, those of us who prefer to read the forums in a way that is, like, waaaay better than the rest of you dicks are treated like we are being told that our preferred way of reading is somehow inferior.

I'm telling Daddy on you!

"OK, I quit. You win. Last post. The end. Goodbye." - Stu, 1 October 2007

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