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Auntie Prism
(stardust savant)
09/15/08 03:58 PM
Yes, I'm bored [re: Auntie Prism]  

It's rutting season in Northern Europe again, and I don't expect that K will be able to answer my queries for some time. But I'm going to use this thread to vent random thoughts about the boards.

I've noticed that TW is being fractured by two sub-groups of posters.

1) Posters who think they're too cool for TW.

Unfortunately, every TWer thinks that they are too cool for TW, but some express such sentiments publicly. They are filthy, filthy liars and were out in force on Rev. Phelps' 'welcome back' thread, with comments such as oh why oh why did Evan resuscitate the site, I can so live without it, that's why I commented on this thread within a couple of hours of the site being back up.

Worse still are those posters who check the site frequently and pretend to be away. They pretend that TW is a thing of their past. There's just enough subliminal activity from the likes of Starlite, Wildwind and eraserhead to show they're out there, somewhere, but that they do not wish to comment. TW isn't what it was, they say; the topics repeat themselves. Yes, yes, well I agree. Fuck you, too.

2) Posters lacking a sense of Irony.

An unrelated problem, and, at the moment, I'm directing this at a particular poster. I have real difficulty in trying to understand why EJ Sunday has 'TW FOOTBALL GOD' in his signature line. Posters will recall that I entered the Euro World Cup Football Thingie earlier this year and somehow triumphed as joint winner. Besides trying to sabotage the event, my aim was to demonstrate the total absence of knowledge required in predicting scorelines. I believe the last football match I watched in entirety was England v. Germany in 1996. Still, EJ appears to wear the tag 'TW FOOTBALL GOD'—or whatever it is—as a badge of pride. What is wrong with him?

Silence here takes on the quality of a dimension.

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